NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – We continue to follow the trial of Gage Ford, the former OU student who is accused of allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend to the point of being unrecognizable, back in October 2020.

Prosecutors allege that the act was an attempt to kill the unborn baby, who was later born healthy, in March of 2021.

Ford is now facing two count of felony assault and battery, according to Stephens’ family.

The victim, Ally Stephens, 21, was in her first year of college at the time. She is being identified even though she is a domestic violence victim because she and her family have spoken publicly about her case to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence.

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Gage Ford pictured inside the courthouse Wednesday. Photo from KFOR.

In the courtroom Wednesday sat the jury, made up of four women and eight men, along with a small gallery of people.

The defense sat directly across from them, and Ford sat off to the other side with his lawyer.

Stephens described an ongoing pattern of abuse following the beginning of their on-again, off-again relationship back in 2019, including another incident earlier in October where she was allegedly injured by Gage, before the final incident later that month.

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This is what prosecutors said Ally Stephens looks like when she showed up to the hospital in October 2020. Photo from KFOR.

Just weeks later, Ally was rushed to the hospital with more severe injuries, including a closed head injury, a concussion and other evidence of domestic abuse, as described by medical professionals who treated her in the emergency room.

While testifying Wednesday, Ally was asked by prosecutors why she’d stayed in the relationship.

“[I stayed because] I thought he would change. I wanted to help him. I thought I could help him,” she said.

The trial will continue Thursday.