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CADDO COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – KFOR is hearing from an Oklahoma woman who knows the caregivers of Athena Brownfield, whose story made national headlines after she was reported missing from Cyril earlier this month.

Ivon Adams is accused of killing the 4-year-old on Christmas. He and Alysia Adams have both been charged with child neglect. 

The old acquaintance KFOR spoke with said she never expected to hear the news about the two caregivers. 

Jacklyn Gilmore told News 4 her ex-boyfriend and Ivon owned a fence building company together, so she has had many interactions with the accused killer. She also said he owns the property where a child’s remains were found during the search for Athena.

“I was in shock. I’m still in shock, honestly,” said Gilmore.

Gilmore told KFOR she thought she knew the Adams couple well, and said Ivon never seemed aggressive towards children, he seemed normal. 

“I worked with him sometimes, and we built fences, and he brought two kids with him a lot of times… and they helped him and he never even raised his voice,” said Gilmore. 

Gilmore said her ex-boyfriend hasn’t communicated with Ivon in over a year. They parted ways on bad terms, with Ivon owing him rent money.   

“They don’t talk because when the renting thing happened, they (Ivon and Alysia Adams) never paid rent there. And then eventually, like we started to ask him, you know, after like two years… they just like vamped out, left. And like, trust me, they never talked to us again,” said Gilmore.  

Gilmore said her ex-boyfriend is also struggling to understand how someone so quiet and shy, could be accused of murdering a child. 

“I’ve talked to him (Ivon Adams) several times. I’ve seen him interacting. He was very quiet and shy, you know, he never raised his voice, really. But I never felt like he was anybody that was capable of this. Never. I would never get that,” said Gilmore. 

Gilmore also had one-on-one interactions with Ivon. 

“He gave me a ride one time or two times maybe, and I’d never feel uncomfortable around him. He didn’t even talk really, you know, I mean, he’s just pretty quiet. But he was really nice. I mean, docile,” said Gilmore. 

One picture Gilmore shared with KFOR shows the two caregivers walking with their family.

Ivon and Alysia Adams picture with family
Ivon and Alysia Adams picture with family. Image courtesy Jacklyn Gilmore.

Ivon is seen holding a baby and Alysia holding hands with one of the kids. 

Gilmore also told KFOR that Alysia’s mom has been active on Facebook defending Alysia Adams, but after backlash from people online, she has since deleted her Facebook account.