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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A close friend of an Oklahoma County Jail detention officer who was held hostage by inmates on Saturday inside the jail spoke with KFOR about what was going through his head while he watched the situation unfold on Facebook Live. 

“I was just praying that God would protect him,” Stephen Freeman said. “You never know what people will decide to do in those types of situations.”

Freeman was watching a Facebook Live that started streaming from his friend’s Facebook account during his shift at the Oklahoma County Jail.

 “We got no food. We can’t take showers,” an inmate is heard saying in the video. 

Inmates on the 10th floor were holding Freeman’s friend hostage while demanding change and complaining about conditions inside the jail. 

“We ain’t got no mirrors in here. The water don’t work, toilet backed up,” an inmate said, while recording in a cell bathroom. 

In the video, Freeman’s friend is seen on the ground with his hands behind him. An inmate is heard yelling in the video that the guard has nothing to do with the violence. 

The victim is later seen with a restraint around his neck, with one of the inmates holding an object in his hand above the victim. 

“I heard them say that they hadn’t got their commissary orders,” Freeman said. 

Once the hostage situation came to an end Saturday night, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma City Police Department and Jail Administrator Greg Williams held a joint press conference, announcing that the inmate holding the neck restraint had been shot and killed by police. 

They also said tear gas was used to help end the situation. 

“We were able to get the detention officer out safely,” Sheriff Tommie Johnson said. 

He is recovering at a local hospital, according to authorities, and is expected to be okay. 

“As far as I understand, he is doing well. Just recovering,” Freeman said. “Very happy he’s okay.”

Authorities have not yet named the officer or the inmate, which is why KFOR is not naming the officer at this time.