SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Seminole community is cleaning up after the latest in a trio of tornados in the area ripped through the Oklahoma town.

Just before 7 p.m. Wednesday night, sirens blared, warning the community to take cover as high winds and rain ripped through the area.

“You could hear the building being torn apart and the building rocking,” said Simon Parish.

“I was just in the closet praying, I was praying so hard,” added Margaret Leahy, who lives in the Van Sanford, located off N Milt Phillips Ave., with her brother and rode out the storm in their first-floor apartment.

Adrian (L) and Margaret (R) Leahy standing in front of the Van Stanford

They said they thought that the building could withstand the damage.

“This building’s been here since 1929 and I was sure no tornado [was going to] blow it away now,” added her brother Adrian. “But then I saw the roof go flying and I thought, ‘well if it’s our time, it’s our time.’”

“[And I thought] maybe it’s not going to stay through this one,” added Margaret.

The new day revealed significant damage, with uprooted trees, buildings on the brink of collapse, and a town completely without power.

Simon told KFOR he’d recently moved into the building but wasn’t sure what he’d do next.

“I’ll salvage what I can,” he said, adding that nearly all of the items in his apartment were ruined and his truck, which had been parked in the back, was completely totaled.

“Everything else can be replaced, but family can’t,” added Kimberly Parish, a relative of Simon. “I’m just glad he’s safe.”

A building manager surveying the property Thursday said the building would likely be considered a complete loss.