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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – KFOR has now heard from another recent inmate who bonded out of the Oklahoma County Jail covered head-to-toe in bed bug bites.

“They’re about the size of a dime,” Michael Stange told News 4 a few weeks ago.

That was just a day after Stange bonded out of the Oklahoma County Jail. He showed our News 4 crew bed bug bites that were covering his body.

“I couldn’t even get in a vehicle to be picked up,” he said.

On Monday, News 4 heard from another recent Oklahoma County Jail inmate with the same story.

“It’s a lot of them,” Nikysha Williamson told News 4, showing the bed bug bites. “Feeling kind of itchy and irky.”

Earlier this month, the Oklahoma State Department of Health sent a letter to administrators at the jail following a recent inspection, barring them from housing juveniles due to several deficiencies.

Juveniles charged with less-serious crimes were removed from the jail immediately.

Then on Monday, the jail announced that the remaining 11 juveniles, who are all charged with Murder 1, were transferred to the Pawnee County Detention Center.

According to an Administrative Order from district judge Ray Elliot, from now on, juveniles charged with first degree murder will be initially processed at the Oklahoma County Jail and then transferred to Pawnee.

Over a month ago, officials at the jail told News 4 they were about to break ground on a new building behind the jail where extreme heat would be applied to bed bug infested items, killing the larva.

On Tuesday, officials at the jail told News 4 those plans are still in the works.

“It was so nasty and pathetic. I was like, who would even want to work in this place?” Williamson said. “I wouldn’t want my enemy to be in that place.”