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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Imagine coming home and finding that your ceiling had collapsed. Now imagine it not being the first time it’s happened, but the second time.

An Oklahoma City woman says this is her situation and she’s fed up, as she’s now had to deal with a water leak in her ceiling for the past two weeks.

“The maintenance man said that he would come and bring me some buckets and I told him, ‘If you can bring me buckets, you can come and fix this,'” said Alicia Hall.

She tells KFOR she’s had enough with management at Forest Creek Apartments, located in the 7200 block of N.W. 122nd St.

“My ceiling actually collapsed and fell in,” she explained in frustration.

Hall said since March 3, a water leak has caused her kitchen ceiling to cave in in two spots. She says management has been slow to fix it, even when she told them she can’t cook for her three kids anymore.

“I can’t cook,” she told us. “My stove is flooded out.”

When the water leak caused her stove to break, she asked management for a replacement. However, she hasn’t gotten one. 

Hall is now convinced management doesn’t care.

“It costs me money, for one. I’m constantly eating out with my kids,” she said. “It stinks in my apartment. I don’t even burn candles anymore because it just smells like mold and mildew. I can’t cook. Ceiling was leaking. My floor stays wet. I tell my kids not to go in the kitchen.”

She said she has no idea how much longer she’ll have to endure this, telling KFOR this same thing happened to her kitchen last year.

She claims maintenance told her the issue was dealt with after they had fixed it then.

“I’m done, like, I’m irritated,” she said. “I’m mad. Sometimes I don’t even want to come home.”

KFOR spoke with a Forest Creek manager briefly on Wednesday before visiting Hall. The manager told us, “Alicia Hall is taken care of.”