YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A man is facing several complaints after kicking, biting, and spitting on officers during an arrest.

On January 13th, Oklahoma City police said they responded to a Yukon home near Hastings and Coachmans Rd. after a 911 caller told dispatchers they heard yells and gunshots.

When officers arrived, they found William Seager’s “front glass door completely shattered.” As they got closer to the door, officers “located a shotgun with damage to the stock.”

Police said Seager was nearby, sitting on the hood of a car and yelling. The officer tells the 54-year-old to put his hands up.

Video shows Seager hop off the car and walk towards the officer with his arms stretched out. That’s when the officer deploys his taser and another officer puts him in handcuffs. It takes several tries to apprehend Seager, who was yelling that he was God.

When the cuffs are finally around Seager’s wrist, the scene moves to the curb.

“Take these [cuffs] off me real quick. They hurt. Seriously, I’m God and they hurt,” said Seager.

Seconds pass and Seager kicks the officer.

Seager: “Mother F*****! You F***** eating hamburgers from McDonalds! That’s where I’m getting all my disease, McDonalds!”

Police: “Hey brother, calm down, alright? We don’t want to hurt you.”

Seager: “Okay, I’m ready. Jesus, help me out the way you want to. Show me, show me that I am your father and that your first rule in the Ten Commandments is honor your Father God. Rule number one! Honor God!”

Firefighters, EMT’s, and more officers arrive on scene to help restrain Seager.

“That hurts. I’m God and that hurts,” said Seager. “Don’t do this to God or I’m gonna kick you in the ba– I’m going to hit you in the b****, let me show the world.”

Then, Seager starts to fight with his teeth.

“Hey! Stop biting me!” said one officer.

The team then tries to put Seager on a gurney, because the next stop is the hospital.

“I’m not going to resist you I promise. I promise! I promise, I’m God,” Seager tells officers.

However, those promises don’t appear to last, as Seager starts to move around on the gurney.

“You kick me again I will so f***ing f*** you up,” said an officer.

Officers write in the report that Seager continued to resist and yell and spit on firefighters and paramedics. Officers ultimately had to put a spit mask on Seager.

He was taken to the hospital then taken to the Canadian County Jail.

A nearby told officers that Seager also came to his home “in an aggressive manner, yelling.” Seager kicked and broke the neighbor’s lamp, front door, and door frame, causing damage.