OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma is looking outside state lines and at home to boost its $10 billion tourism industry.

“Oklahoma lives and dies on sales tax revenue,” said Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, who also serves as Secretary of Tourism, Wildlife, and Heritage. “That is one more reason why tourism is so important. Every community bases [its] budget off almost quite a bit of sales tax revenue.”

The Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department hopes to bring more money to the Sooner State by enticing people living here and in neighboring states to explore Oklahoma. 

That’s the goal of its new campaign: Imagine That.

You may recall the state launched the campaign three years ago.

This is the first new television campaign showcasing the state branding. 

“We want to spend most of those in strategic, targeted locations in a regional footprint because that’s new money,” said Lt. Governor Pinnell. “That’s money coming into the state. Someone leaves those sales tax dollars in one of our 77 counties and then goes home.”

The $1.2 million campaign targets areas such as Dallas, Arkansas, Kansas, And Missouri with ads showcasing tourist destinations like Little Sahara State Park, Robbers Cave, Broken Bow, and the History of Greenwood Historical District in Tulsa.

“If you go to the Dallas Metroplex, you’ll see advertisements on the side of buildings in downtown Dallas advertising,” said Lt. Governor Pinnell. 

In 2021, the state brought in nearly $750 million from state and local tax revenue, and the tourism department wants to build on that trend.

“One of the strengths of our state is our tourism industry,” said Lt. Governor Pinnell. “Oklahoma relies upon sales tax more than most any other state. And if [we] continue to rely upon sales tax at a level that we do, we better care about a tourism industry and invest in [one] that’s bringing critical sales tax dollars to Oklahoma.”