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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Getting gas has turned into a game of ‘gotcha’ for thieves. They have rigged several pumps in the Oklahoma City area to steal your information. Police have sent out a warning, but it’s not just the pumps you need to be worried about.

It’s something we’ve told you about time and time again: card skimmers.

Local officers said they have seen a spike in skimmers and want to remind you to check out your bank account.

One woman KFOR spoke with said she gets gas at different gas stations often and never looks at her account. It will be something she said she will now check often.

“It’s not just on gas pumps, ATMs,” said Gary Knight, spokesperson for Oklahoma City Police. “Any place you’re using a credit card.”

One Edmond woman posted on social media that her card information has been stolen three times in the six months since she moved to the area. Many others who commented on her post claimed they too had fallen victim.

Investigators say the skimmers have gotten even harder to detect. Criminals use more advanced technology than ever before to go unnoticed.

“They never even realize that there’s a skimmer attached to that sometimes because they really disguise them quite well.” said Knight. “When we’re trying to find out who did it, it can be difficult. We depend not only on witness statements because sometimes people will call in and say, ‘hey, there’s a guy messing with a gas pump over here and he’s not an employee.’ Those are great calls to get because very often that’s what they’re doing is putting a skimmer on it.”

Knight said, unfortunately, it’s tough to avoid becoming a victim.

“Really, your best tactic is just to monitor your statement and see if there’s anything going on that you didn’t do,” he advised.

Investigators say they will catch the criminals through surveillance video or license plate numbers, but not before they’ve likely hit 10 to 15 locations.