OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In June of 2023, more than 100 people were arrested in south Oklahoma City for street racing during a sting operation by authorities.

The Oklahoma City Police Department just released dramatic body-cam footage showing the mass arrests. 

Authorities say they were following up on several tips about people racing at SE 89th and Pole Road. KFOR went to the area on Friday and found fresh tire marks along the road. It’s a sign that it still may be happening. 

Police body cameras show officers laying low before jumping into action and quickly shutting down the street racers by blocking off the road so no one could drive away. 

One car was even seen driving on the grass to get away from the police.  

At first, you can see several drivers trying to drive away and not listening to law enforcement officers as they ask everyone to get out of their cars. Police even had their guns drawn.  

Drivers soon realized there was no way out.

So, as officers approached the cars, the street racing suspects started complying and lying face first on the ground with their hands in the air.

Oklahoma City Police say they arrested every single person involved, including bystanders who were just watching. 

Since there were so many people to arrest, police used zip-ties as handcuffs.

They say the group of street racers were leaving thousands of dollars’ worth of damage during their illegal activities.  

“There’s a business complex area there, and large groups of people gathering, sometimes up to 200 people gathering being pretty destructive and causing quite a bit of damage at this property in relation to street burnouts, fireworks, large amounts of trash,” said MSgt. Dillon Quirk, Assistant PIO OKCPD.  

KFOR went to the location on Friday and found fresh tire marks on the street. 

We spoke with one nearby business employee who did not want to go on camera but said just last week, a small group of drivers were seen street racing during the lunch hour, but he has not seen large groups since the night of the sting operation. 

“A problem is still there, but we’re not finished,” said Quirk.  

During the operation, police impounded over 50 cars and recovered several firearms and one stolen car. 

Over 100 people were arrested for trespassing and taken to the Oklahoma County Jail.