BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KFOR) – Two adults and six children were found dead in a burning house, in what police said is being investigated as a murder-suicide.

“This is something that you see on a Netflix documentary, it’s not something that happens two houses down the street,” said Traci Tressler, a neighbor.

According to investigators, at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Broken Arrow Fire Department responded to a house fire. When they arrived, it appeared that it was worse than imagined.

“It did become obvious to all the fire personnel on scene that this was a crime scene,” said Jeremy Moore, Broken Arrow Fire Chief.

Six children, from ages one to 13, were found dead in a back room of the house. Chief Moore said that was where most of the fire was contained.

The two adults were found in the front room.

“Immediately we found two adults in the front of the house with significant injuries, and they were obviously deceased,” said Chief Moore.

Law enforcement said that it appears that none of the victims died from the fire.

“However, the final determination from the cause of death will be made by the medical examiner,” said the fire chief.  

Investigators noted that guns were found at the scene.

Kris Welch, the owner of the home, said the family rented from her for eight years.

Hearing this news from Facebook was hard for Welch to process.

“I feel like I’m going to throw up, honestly,” said Welch. “It’s just nauseating. I’ve been feeling sick and dizzy all morning.”

She said the victims were a mother, a father, and their kids, but no names or descriptions have been given by police.

Welch said inside the home always looked normal, but the mother was very quiet.

This week, Welch was notified that the father had a death in the family.

“His mom had just died. I found out Tuesday and he was grieving,” said Welch.

One neighbor living two doors down could hardly hold back her emotions.

“The dad seemed really nice. He was outside playing with his kids – at least the oldest ones,” said Tressler.

Tressler felt bad as a neighbor, thinking there was more she could have done.

“Knowing that there were that many kids – I guess I didn’t think it was a red flag because I really thought there were two,” said Tressler, crying and confused after hearing there were a total of six children.

The neighbor said the family was very quiet and reserved. She assumed there were only two children.

In a press conference Friday morning, police said names were not being released at this time. The next-of-kin had been notified.

Investigators added that the Mental Health Association Oklahoma is an available resource for everyone processing this tragedy. The organization’s phone number is (918)-585-1213.