OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A Stillwater medical marijuana dispensary owner helped open a state investigation into an Oklahoma City testing lab accused of inaccurately reporting testing results

“If I were to sell that product to somebody and they would have died, it would put me out of business, but it would put me in a prison cell,” said Dennis Adam, the owner of Oklahoma Green Stop Dispensary. 

Adams told KFOR he alerted the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority when his edibles tested positive for pesticides.

“We got ahold of OMMA and said, ‘we have this bad product,’ and reported it like we’re supposed to by protocol,” said Adams. 

Adams purchased six liters of distillate, liquid THC from Zanja Extracts. He told KFOR that Zanja released a passed lab testing report from Scale Laboratories with the products.

“Everything passed on the lab from Scale Labs under OMMA rules,” said Adams. “We have to retest the second we get it in our possession.” 

His company used the purchased distillate to make edibles. Once it was made, he sent it to be retested at Delta 9 Labs in Ponca City in April. 

“The second we take that six liters and make it into, let’s say, a candy bar, that candy bar has to go get tested,” said Adams. 

Delta 9 called Adams to report their findings. The lab stated the distillate tested positive for pesticides.

The results led Delta 9 and Adams to contact OMMA. 

OMMA inspections at Scale Laboratories found alleged testing violations that posed a threat to citizens last month.

The lab reported passing test results for 100 samples but failed several tests for yeast, mold, E. coli, and salmonella.

The OMMA notified 33 businesses of the recall, letting them know about testing on the 99 products.

Adams believes his phone call and integrity saved lives and prompted Scale Laboratories’ licenses to be suspended immediately. 

“You have got to play by the rules,” said Adams. “At the end of the day, I’ve got to look at somebody in the face and know that I’ve given them the proper medication. I sleep good at night knowing that I did the right thing.” 

Adams has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Scale Laboratories, Fossil Valley Farms, and Zanja Extracts. 

KFOR attempted to reach Scale Laboratories by phone and email. They never got back to us.