JONES, Okla. (KFOR) – A Jones farmer is trying to find the person who stole thousands of dollars’ worth of fertilizer from his property. 

If you take a walk on Ruzycki’s farm, you’ll see he pays close attention to detail. 

Every flower and vegetable is planted ideally in rows.

“We’ve been farming for 14 years,” said Ruzycki. “We’re just trying to feed our community.”

But out of those 14 years in business, Ruzycki never imagined he would become the victim of a crime.

“To have someone to feel like people feel comfortable with taking from you, whether they know what you’re doing or not,” said Ruzycki. “It’s an uncomfortable feeling.” 

It was last Saturday while Ruzycki was working on his farm when someone was at the bottom of his driveway – loading up bags of earthworm castings and hauling them away.

Ruzycki told KFOR the fertilizer was worth $2,000. 

“I could have pulled up to the property at any time,” said Ruzycki. “And they had no idea where or what I was doing unless they did, in which case it’s even worse.”

Ruzycki told KFOR he’s in the process of reviewing neighbors’ security cameras to catch the culprit. 

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