WASHINGTON, Okla. (KFOR) – Two Oklahoma homeowners are feeling landlocked, since they can’t legally use the road to their homes. That’s because the owner of the road won’t let them use it.

“It’s been nonstop headache since I moved in,” said Jonathan Rodgers, who also can’t use the street.

Dale Graham and Jonathan Rodgers, both U.S. military veterans told News 4, they feel stuck.

Graham said four years ago, his neighbor and Washington Board of Trustee member, John Roberson, bought the half-acre including the road.

Graham said the problems started after Graham knocked down his fence to make a path for students to get to school without walking along the highway.

“Since that point in time, we just had threats of, ‘We’re going to block the road off and get it where you can’t use it,” said Graham. “I said, ‘I’ve been using that thing and I don’t see a problem with it like it is.’”

Then, the barricade popped up, with no way through. It’s about four feet high, with two metal bars hammered into the ground with a weight attached.

“They worked about an hour or two after driving those post in the ground,” said Graham. “I have no idea other than that person doesn’t want us to use it.”

“This road behind me was the legal access right for my property,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers just bought his home a few months ago. He had plans to renovate it.

“Nothing was disclosed at any point during me purchasing the house,” said Rodgers. “Most of them are not going to be able to deliver anything.”

After getting verbal permission from different neighbors, Graham spent thousands of dollars to extend a private drive to their homes so they could get in and out.

“All I want is easy access in and out and make them able to maintain the road,” said Graham. 

News 4 reached out to John Roberson’s attorney. We asked for his number through the attorney, but Roberson allegedly said we would have to find his number by other means. We were told he wasn’t home and tried several other numbers, but weren’t able to get ahold of him.

If the name Dale Graham sounds familiar, that’s because it is the same Graham of the “Dale K. Graham Veteran’s foundation” in Norman.