OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After a Midtown bar’s bouncer went viral on Tik Tok for catching an underage female with a fake ID, that bouncer tells KFOR the establishment has confiscated hundreds of IDs in the last six months.

Within the last week, Zevan Hunt posted to social media a video showing his interaction with an underage female.

“I get questions a lot. What do I do when I get a fake ID? Well, I’ll show you,” Hunt said in the video.

Hunt went on to show a couple trying to get into Sunset Patio Bar.

He informed the woman in the video she was in possession of a fake ID, in which the woman replied, “It’s not though.”

Hunt peeled back her ID into two parts and asked why her ID was able to split in half.

The video shows Hunt telling the young woman she needed to leave.

The woman then asked for her ID back, explaining it works at other places, but Hunt turned her away and confiscated the ID.

Hunt told KFOR he would only return the ID if the police get involved and verify the authenticity of the ID.

That video currently has 2.3 million likes and 9.4 million views on Tik Tok plus an additional couple thousand views on YouTube.

“About 10 hours after posting it, my phone starts going crazy and I’m like, ‘Oh, look, I get a lot of text notifications and it blew up.’ I had 100 followers when I posted it. Now, I’m at 40,000 and it’s crazy. I never thought this would be something that would happen,” said Hunt.

Hunt explained this isn’t the first time he has come across a fake ID, that Sunset Patio Bar typically confiscates anywhere between four and 15 a week.

“We can’t catch them all, but the fact that we’re catching 15 a week is insane,” added Hunt.

Hunt claimed he confiscated four IDs Sunday night.

Hunt said he understands those who are underage who come by don’t mean any harm, but, “We could get major fines, thousand dollar fines or a bar could get shut down. We can all get in a lot of trouble and so it’s not really cool.”

Hunt said in the last six months, he has confiscated and collected more than 300 fake IDs, some even coming from other countries.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Aaron Brilbeck told KFOR fake IDs are getting harder and harder to verify.

“A lot of the IDs that we’re seeing now are manufactured in China. There’s a huge industry for them and they’re frankly very, very good IDs. They’re very difficult even for people like police officers to tell whether they’re authentic IDs or not,” said Brilbeck.

Hunt said if an ID can peel back and feels papery, it’s a fake.

He’s also looking for a QR code on the back of the ID because he says oftentimes there isn’t one, which indicates it’s not real.

With the QR code, Hunt said that doesn’t make it 100% real though; just because it pops up in the system, doesn’t make it real.

Brilbeck said fake IDs are a year-round issue.

“We pretty regularly will send underage people working with the Sheriff’s office into bars, into stores to try to buy booze. When we do it, we don’t want the kids to look like they’re over age. This isn’t an entrapment thing. What this is about is more about enforcement and education. So we send them in with their own driver’s license. They’re told to produce the license to the cashier or to the bartender. And if that bartender still sells to them while you’re facing a fine, we are seeing a substantial amount of people who are doing that as well,” stated Brilbeck.

If you’re caught with a fake ID, you could face a misdemeanor charge as well as a $25 fine.

If you’re caught manufacturing fake IDs, you could face up to seven years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Hunt is now trying to turn what could have been a sticky situation for someone into something educational for those who work in the bar scene.

“I use those [the IDs he has confiscated] to show bartenders here, bartenders from other bars and it kind of helps everyone learn together because not everyone’s perfect, not everyone knows them all. It really helps when we have lots to choose from and lots of different information,” said Hunt.

Hunt said he will continue to post videos of catching fake IDs on both his YouTube and Tik Tok.