LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR)- A multitude of Logan County residents pointed News 4 in the direction of what they deem to be undriveable roads, saying each one has taken a toll on them financially and physically.

Over on W Seward Road, Sandy Curry said she has lived there for 34 years.

In those three decades, Curry told KFOR the road has remained hazardous.

“I am bouncing all over. You have to be very strategic. If there happens to be oncoming traffic and you can’t be strategic, then both of you just go like this [gestures harshly veering to the left and right] as you’re going through the big holes. If you’re not experienced in this kind of driving, you know, you wind up in the ditch,” explained Curry.

She claimed both of her daughters have “overturned” because they’re not familiar with driving down her road.

Curry also claimed drivers have died traveling over W Seward.

She added the roads are dry as of Thursday afternoon, but once the rain comes followed by the cold weather, it turns into a mess.

“It’s dangerous, it’s inconvenient, it cost us money, wear and tear on our vehicles. We go through shocks like people would go through, you know, a pair of shocks every ten years. It’s more like every four or five years. I mean, it just is very hard on the vehicles,” stated Curry.

Curry is concerned for her family as rain travels in Friday.

“If we have a social gathering planned and there’s a heavy rain, we have to cancel it. Even if it’s a wedding shower or a baby shower, even if it’s, you know, our 50th wedding anniversary or daughter’s wedding. We were hauling people out of the mud, you know, so it really gets in the way a lot socially,” said Curry.

She has even been denied mail and package delivery, claiming those drivers won’t risk driving down her road.

Another Logan County resident living on Road Runner Ridge said his neighborhood’s waste service company refused service as well because of road damage.

A letter to his community reads, “I am writing today to inform you that due to extremely poor road conditions RDS, I is cancelling service for all residents in the area. As you are aware, roads are not passable in the event of inclement weather. To prevent excessive wear and tear on our trucks and the likelihood we would have to send a wrecker to pull the truck out we feel it is in our best interest to discontinue service.”

That letter is dated March 1, 2021, but the resident said the waste service company never resumed operation, so he was forced to hire someone else.

A News 4 crew traveled through Logan County and down some of the roads residents recommended they inspect.

During the drive, the crew drove over extremely narrow roads, massive dips in the road, and noticed deep retention ditches on both sides of the road which could be dangerous if a driver ran off into one.

“If I pulled over to the right, I could fall in the ravine and be part of Cottonwood Creek and whatever else. I couldn’t pull to the left because there might be oncoming traffic. It could hardly be a more dangerous situation,” said Curry.

Curry is calling on Logan County officials to not only repair her street, but to do a better job of maintaining each road within county lines.

Logan County Commissioner, Marven Goodman told KFOR to repair a road, there must be a current work order submitted.

When Goodman was emailed about the various concerns residents brought to News 4’s attention, his response was,

“While I do appreciate the collection of photos of muddy roads that are in the Southwest part of Logan County, when it rains our dirt roads get muddy. You seem to have me at somewhat of a disadvantage as I have no specific information on those issues and so cannot verify if the above mentioned issues have been entered into our County Work Order system which needs the who, what, when and where to check on or enter a new issue. All issues are given a unique work order number. As mentioned above, we use a formal work order system to schedule repairs to our county transportation infrastructure. To report an issue with a Logan County road or bridge, or to check on a previously reported issue, please encourage your viewers open or check on a work order. We can then place new projects in our work queue, prioritize according to cost, available funding, and number of local residents serviced, sometimes verified by local traffic counts.”

Marven Goodman, Logan County Commissioner

News 4 offered to send Goodman a pin of the location where there was abundant road damage, but he declined and instead said, “If we have already received a call on this issue, it is already in our fix-it queue, if not I will take your assessment as need to open a new work order and send our road manager out there to assess the issue.”

Curry plans to call Logan County officials about her concerns that extend county road wide.

To open or check on a work order, residents can call 405-282-3581 or open a work order ticket online.

Goodman said all county residents should “feel free to give me a call to further discuss.”