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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Lisa Lampton Allen has always been an artist, but it wasn’t until recent years that she decided to share her talent with the world, teaching others how to create her abstract pieces. Her method is not only fun, but therapeutic to many and has people coming back to the Britton District.

Behind the door at 911 West Britton, a creative world awaits.

“It’s maybe coming in and being like. So that was kind of fun, right?” said Allen as she demonstrated her method on a canvas.

Allen, sharing with the world the unique way she makes art: with trowels.

“So you come back and you can you can scrape off as much as you want to scrape off,” said Allen, using a trowel to scrape paint off the canvas.

“It was easy to teach with,” said Allen. “It was easy to clean up and you couldn’t break it. So I fell in love with the putty knife and the trowel.”

They’re all-sized blades that you can find in a hardware store, but Allen and crew use them to create masterpieces.

“This is all abstract art, and it’s easy and fun to teach and everyone’s just taken to it like crazy, and it’s literally dragging color and it’s just shockingly fun,” said Allen.

But it’s more than fun to some, it’s therapeutic.

Jill Capri has been bringing her daughter, Chloe, to the studio for years.

“She’s very creative. She’s very bright,” said Capri. “It was just an incomplete spinal cord injury. It’s called TM, transverse myelitis. It’s very rare. And so art was something that she could just do and love to express herself, her creativity.”

Word about Hideoutart started to spread, and more and more people began making their way back to Britton.

“It was like, if you build it, they will come and thank God they came,” said Allen.

Now, four years later after taking a chance on her dream, Lisa is making it permanent.

“I decided to go ahead and purchase this building, and it felt right in every way,” said Allen.

Hideout Art is by appointment only. Those of legal drinking age may bring alcohol and medical marijuana if they’re a card holder.