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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man is warning others whose vehicle has a keyless entry feature.

“[My girlfriend] came in the bedroom, and she was like, “Babe, your truck is gone.” And I was like, ‘Do what?’ And so I came outside, and sure enough, [it] was gone,” said Gahrett Rose. “People are terrible.”

Rose told KFOR he feels powerless and devastated after his 2011 Dodge pickup truck was stolen from his girlfriend’s home in Midwest City.

KFOR obtained surveillance footage of a truck speeding down a street. Rose believes it’s his truck. He told KFOR that the theft was shocking because he’s the only one with the key.

“I have the key to the truck, and there’s only one key,” said Rose. “So, I’ve never had a spare for anything like that. I just always had the one key, and I didn’t think the truck would’ve moved with me having the key, but I was wrong.”

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The stolen pickup.

Locksmiths with the Oklahoma City Security Lock Service told KFOR it’s not easy to steal a truck like Rose’s Dodge 2500. You have to have the FOBIK key or the right equipment.

“It has to be an experienced person. A locksmith usually gets trained to do those types of job,” said Wassim Arook with Security Lock Service.

The lock service told KFOR the job would require someone obtaining a pin code from a computer.

No matter what the situation is, Rose just wants his truck back.

“I hate that the truck is gone. I care more about what was in the car,” said Rose. “You know, my 2 year old’s artwork and his birth certificate.”