THE VILLAGE, Okla. (KFOR) – Just days before Christmas, an Oklahoma family is without a place to live after a fire destroyed most of their belongings. 

“It’s like a miracle to be here,” said Lamari Cox. 

It was a burning smell that prompted the 11-year-old’s call 911 Tuesday. 

Lamari told KFOR she was watching TikTok on her phone when she felt her room heating up. 

She grabbed her aunt’s attention, who works from home, to see what was happening, and it was her aunt who saw the flames blazing in the garage. 

Terrified, Lamari ran outside for safety and watched her grandmother’s home burn from the attic. 

“She was crying. She was hysterical,” said Rita Cox. “I’m just numb. I can’t describe it because, you know, it happened so quickly.” 

Rita said she had the home built five years ago, which is now ruined just days before Christmas.

“I never thought I would come and see this,” said Rita. “I watched it be built from the ground up, step by step.” 

What is usually a happy time of year is full of heartache and pain.

Debris from the ceiling and water damage is scattered. 

The family was left without power and clothes.

“I just had to grab something because I didn’t even have a toothbrush. I don’t have anything,” said Rita. 

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“I [never thought] that I [would] have a fire in my house, and I’ll be in it,” said Lamari. 

“I thank God for sparing my life and my family’s life,” said Rita. “This stuff is material. It can be replaced.”

Ebenezer Baptist Church is raising funds to help the Cox family. If you would like to help, click here.