ANADARKO, Okla. (KFOR) – Several Anadarko drivers say shortly after fueling up at Apache Market Two, their cars started to sputter and then completely shut down.

Sandra Tate said she purchased $20 worth of gas from Apache Market Two Monday night.

“When I left there, I made it about two or three miles down the road, and my car started jerking. I don’t live very far from there, so I made it home and [as] soon as I got home, my car died and it would not start again,” explained Tate.

She claims she immediately called the gas station to see what was going on, but they weren’t sure either.

Tate said she then called Onstar for a “real life diagnostic.”

The diagnostic showed emission failure.

“The Emissions System is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Exhaust Emissions System which monitors and controls exhaust gases released into the air from the engine,” an email from OnStar containing Tate’s diagnostic reads.

Tate then called a nearby neighbor who also happened to be a mechanic to take a look at her car.

Tate said that mechanic pulled a sample of gas from her tank.

Tate sent a photo to News 4 of what that sample looked like.

A sample of gas Sandra Tate said was pulled from her tank Monday night.
A sample of gas Sandra Tate said was pulled from her tank Monday night. Photo courtesy: Sandra Tate.

More than half of the plastic water bottle is filled with a cloudy liquid while sitting on top is what appears to be a small percentage of gas.

Tate believed the cloudy liquid to be water.

“It’s very frustrating and it’s very disheartening because we try to always patronize our local gas stations and everything. This kind of makes you want to go into the bigger towns close by and buy your gas,” stated Tate. “It is my only vehicle that provides my transportation to work, so you know, that in itself is like my lifeline to be able to provide for my home.”

The Apache Tribe owns the Apache Market Two.

A tribal member told News 4 over the phone there was an issue with the fuel, but it wasn’t water-related.

The member went on to say all pumps were bagged within an hour of their first complaint of E-10 fuel causing vehicle problems.

The gas station’s fuel supplier, Shepard Oil tested the stations tanks Tuesday morning.

The tests indicated the gas wasn’t mixed correctly and “contained the incorrect mix of additives,” according to the Apache Tribe.

That bad gas was drained and then replaced with fresh gas gathered from a nearby Valero refinery.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the pump bags were removed and drivers could pump E-10 gas again.

However, the damage is already done for several drivers.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 4B Oil Company Owner, James Bottom told KFOR their wrecker had already towed five cars whose owners blame Apache Market Two’s fuel for their car issues.

Bottom said he’s never had customers point the finger of blame at the gas station before, adding something like this has never happened to his knowledge.

To fix a vehicle problem like this, Bottom claims the repair could take several hours.

He also said it cost those drivers “several hundred, maybe more easily.”

“I would like to have reimbursement for the damages and I’m not very interested in anything else other than that. Just fix my car,” explained Tate.

Tate’s car was towed to John Holt Auto Group in Chickasha shortly after News 4 met with her.

She sent a photo copy of her customer summary provided by the dealership.

Her total bill came to $1,033.16.

The dealership also drew a sample of gas from Tate’s car and took a photo.

That sample looks nearly identical to the one Tate provided News 4 with earlier.

News 4 spoke with a handful of drivers off-camera who claim their car was fueled with bad gas from the Apache Market Two.

Three drivers told KFOR Shepard Oil called them Tuesday afternoon to say they’re working with their insurance to figure out a resolution.

Although the Apache Tribe claims only six to eight customers were affected, one of those drivers said Shepard Oil told them they were one of 18 people who were impacted.

“We know our customers depend on us for quality goods and services. We value your business and support and solved this issue as soon as we learned of it. We apologize for the error and appreciate your understanding of this isolated incident,” the Apache Market Two posted to their Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

The Apache Tribe is referring all customers affected by the fuel to Shepard Oil.

Shepard Oil can be reached at 580-363-4280.