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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police are investigating an incident at Penn Square Mall after someone spray painted a racial slur on Red Room Escape Door’s employee entrance door inside of the mall.

The incident has left a father concerned for his daughter’s safety. 

“You know my daughter is leaving out that door at night,” said Tarry Boudreaux. “How do you know somebody is not sitting out there waiting for her to come outside? That’s pretty blatant. It’s just straight-up racist to the core. Somebody has to do something about it.”

According to the police report, another Escape Room employee called authorities after seeing ‘dig dong the n***** gone’ spray painted on the door.

The employee told police the “vandalism made him feel targeted and he is quitting the job.”

“How does somebody walk up to a door in a public place like that and just spray paint something so bad?” Boudreaux said.

Boudreaux told KFOR there aren’t any security cameras where the door was spray painted.

News 4 reached out to Penn Square’s communication team and was sent this statement: 

We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. Late in the evening on October 23, our overnight security team was made aware that racist graffiti was painted on a tenant door in a back corridor of the mall. The next morning, mall management reached out to the tenant manager who confirmed they had already painted over the graffiti. Security thoroughly reviewed all security footage, and no persons of interest were identified. We have reached out to the tenant again to discuss any remaining concerns. We will cooperate with any police investigation into this incident.

Penn Square Mall

Boudreaux told KFOR the door has since been repainted, but he wishes it had been left alone.   

“I think they should’ve left it up and let everybody see what is happening at this mall,” said Boudreaux. “Find out what is going on here. It’s scary.”