OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Local church leaders teamed up again on Friday to help families in need. They gave away a mountain of merchandise that easily equated to hundreds of thousands of dollars in household items. The best part of it was that all the items were free.

It started Thursday with volunteers unloading and organizing four, over 50-foot, trailers full of indoor and outdoor household items.

Then, Friday everyone showed up near SW 36th Street and Blackwelder Avenue. Easily hundreds of cars were in a line stretched around the block, through neighborhoods and even out onto SW Grand Boulevard.

All of them hoped to find something they needed in the gargantuan stacks of goods.

Some people, like Brenda Aduddell, waited around 15 hours to be the first in line. She was hoping to get something after her heart surgery.

“I got a little blood flow problem from my legs back up to my heart,” Aduddell said. “I’d really like a nice recliner to sit in and put my feet up, let that blood flow a little bit better.”

Several churches got together for the giveaway. This was the first event to be held across the street from Christ Community Church at Rancho Village.

“These are really hard times for a lot of people so any way that we can share a little kindness, share a little hope with the neighborhood is just a great way to spread the blessing,” said John-Mark Hart, a pastor at Christ Community Church at Rancho Village.

People could get anything from couches and dinner tables to bug traps, diapers and fans.

“I believe we are blessed,” said Jaime Pena, a pastor at Oklahoma City Family Church. “We are blessed to bless others.”

Folks like Aduddell said despite the long wait for her and others, it’s all worth it.

“Thank you, thank you!” she said as she got her recliner put into the back of her truck.

“You’ve heard all the stories, the senior citizens that need help, that can’t afford to get a piece of furniture, the younger with the kids that need the diapers,” she said in our interview minutes before that. “It’s really a blessing to everybody. Everybody. All ages.”

The items in the giveaway were donated by a group called World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization.