OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Residents in a southeast Oklahoma City neighborhood are rattled after yet another deadly shooting in the area.

The glaring sounds of gunshots Friday morning forced one woman to call the police.  

“I turned on the TV at five to watch ‘Ghost Whisperer,'” said Katherine Everett. “The minute I turned it on, I heard three gunshots.”

Around 5 a.m. on Friday, Oklahoma City police were called to Best Way Inn, located near S.E. 29th and I-35.

Authorities found a man’s body lying near the first-floor grounds. He had been shot and killed.

KFOR spoke to a woman who claims to know the victim.

“A friend of the family called me,” said Crystal Sojo. “I was at home in bed, and I had a lot of missed calls.”

Sojo said she was gutted, when she heard he was killed. 

For those who claim to have known this latest homicide victim, the tragedy is hard to process.

“His son is going to be really upset because he’s incarcerated and he’s not going to be able to be here,” said Sojo. 

Neighbors in the area say the flashing blue lights and yellow crime scene tape surrounding the area are nothing new.

“It’s time to get out,” said Everett. “I’m planning on being out of here.” 

Everett told KFOR for six months, she has heard gunshots and saw suspicious activity take place at BestWay Inn.

On Oct. 10, police were called to the motel next door, Plaza Inn, for a different homicide.

That location has had three homicides in 2022.