SPENCER, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is releasing new details in a dispute between two women that turned deadly in Spencer. 

The women’s daughters were fighting, but it escalated when the moms confronted each other.

“Emotions run high, but when emotions run high, sometimes we don’t think clearly,” said Aaron Brilbeck, with the sheriff’s office. “You’ve got a mom who’s dead. You’ve got a mom who’s probably got to spend the rest of her life in prison.” 

Brilbeck is calling the homicide avoidable, senseless and tragic.

Around 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, deputies received a 911 call about an apparent stabbing near N.E. 23rd St. and Post Road.

After a preliminary investigation on scene, Kayla McNeal was taken into custody.

She’s accused of stabbing her neighbor, Vaneesa Wade, to death after their daughters got into a fight.

“The suspect came out to break up the fight between the two girls. The two girls went to their separate homes.”

That’s when one of the girls called the mother who wasn’t there, prompting her to race home. 

Instead of the daughters fighting, now it was the mothers who confronted each other with deadly results. 

“There were several witnesses to the stabbing,” said Brilbeck. “We’re talking with those witnesses right now.”

Lawmen found Wade bleeding to death. She died a few hours later.

Investigators will try to determine what sparked the fight between the girls that escalated to extremes with their mothers. 

“We’ve still got a lot of questions and there are a lot of people to interview,” said Brilbeck. “It’s tragic in that you’ve got families on both sides know they’re going to be impacted forever.” 

Deputies say McNeal was not cooperating with the investigation. She was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on a first-degree murder complaint.