EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Edmond Police are on the lookout for three people they say made off with $23,000 from Fields Jewelry in downtown Edmond.

An investigator said the trio entered the store between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on October 19 and asked to see several pieces of jewelry before working to distract employees at the custom jewelry and design shop and making off with the items.

“These employees just thought this was a group of people that were there to buy jewelry,” added Ward, saying the pictures and surveillance video of their movements shows they most likely weren’t amateurs.

“They [took] one of the clerks back to the back. There’s another one up at the front, and they seem[ed] to be smiling and talking. Their purpose was to distract these employees so that they could get out of the store with the jewelry,” Ward continued.

An employee told KFOR the store was short staffed when the trio came in and said they were looking for a gift for their grandmother.

Police are searching for two women and one man they say stole $23,000 worth of jewelry. Image courtesy Edmond Police Department.

“The wanted to look at pearls and look at chains. They wanted to talk about customs (designs),” said Robynn Croley.

Croley said she and her worker showed the group several unique pieces before the group said they needed to go get more cash.

“The left and of course, never came back,” she said.

Robynn said she and the store employees didn’t realize the group had gotten away with the jewelry until the next day when they discovered the missing inventory and reviewed the surveillance video.

“We thought we had everything [until] the next day , [another employee] went to open the bag and there were four pieces of silver jewelry in there and all the rest of it was gone,” she said.

“They used a paper sack as a block for the items that were in smaller bags and then pocketed or, or palmed under wallet the expensive items,” added Robynn.  

Recounting the event to KFOR, she said she felt violated and disrespected, also adding that they made off with several other pieces of high-value jewelry, including a gold chain , a diamond bracelet and a one-of-a-kind cameo ring.”

“It is a mom-and-pop owned store so it’s going to have some impact,” she added.

Edmond Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at (405) 359-4645; Case Number #2022-00061069.