JONES, Okla. (KFOR) – Three businesses in a small metro town were burglarized over the weekend and the Jones Police Department is hoping the public can help catch him.

One of the three businesses burglarized was Mimi’s Kitchen.

They have temporary fixes in place on their front door, but that’s not before massive damage was done and lots of money taken.

“All the customers were kind of freaked out, and I know the other waitress came in, the glass shattered everywhere,” said Kara Clark, a waitress at the restaurant.

There was some devastating damage left behind at the restaurant, as you can see in the pictures, after the late-night burglary last weekend.

“It just kind of scared us a little bit,” Clark said.

Investigators tell KFOR it was around 1 o’clock Sunday morning when a man parked across the street before walking to a strip mall in town.

From there, they said he grabbed a brick and smashed the glass on the front door of the restaurant and eventually did more damage. He smashed glass on a claw machine inside and broke into their cash register.

“The vending machine glass shattered everywhere,” Clark said. “All the money taken out of that and, you know, the cash register on the floor.”

The owner told KFOR off camera that it will cost thousands to fix the front door glass and that’s not counting the roughly $850 in cash that was stolen.

“I just know there was quite a few twenties in there,” Clark said. “We had a cash box that was found across the street.”

After that, investigators said the man went out the back door and walked down the street where he hit a local doughnut shop and pizza joint.

The doughnut shop owner spoke to us off camera. She said she suffered hundreds of dollars in damage as well with smashed counters and drive through window.

Now, everyone is just hoping this person gets caught before anything else is done.

“Just have a lot of regulars that are on the lookout, you know, watching us, watching our back, too,” Clark said.

Investigators said they know it was an adult male with blue jeans and an army green coat with a hood.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Jones Police Department at 405-399-2255.