KINGFISHER COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – The man accused of killing four Chinese Nationals, at a marijuana farm in Lacey, made his first court appearance by video. New court documents detail what witnesses encountered the night of the murders.

At the Monday hearing, Judge Lance Schneiter denied the suspect, Wu Chen, bond. Chen’s facing four 1st degree murder and one assault and battery with a deadly weapon charges.

On November 20th, Kingfisher County deputies were called to the 10-acre marijuana grow in Lacey, Oklahoma. There they found one woman and three men dead.

Court documents listed the victims as Quirong Ling, Chen He Chun, Chen He Qiang, and Fang Hui Lee.

Investigators said Yi Fei Lin was shot but survived. According to documents from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, they’re listed as the 25% owner of the farm. The OBN said the license for the grow was obtained through fraud and ghost ownership.

The documents show OSBI Agents spoke to a witness, who had only worked at the grow for 10 days. The witness said he was working in the garage when Chen came in and “Shot the ‘Boss’ in the leg.” Chen then allegedly held multiple people at gunpoint, demanding $300,000 within 30 minutes.

After the boss told his girlfriend to make a phone call to get the cash, the ‘boss’ told Chen he wasn’t doing well and “told the suspect to finish him off and the suspect shot the ‘boss’.”

The documents show the witness said Chen fired at two men who tried to rush him. Chen hit one, while the other ran off. Chen chased after him, but the document doesn’t say if he survived.

Back inside the garage, the witness told investigators Chen aimed his gun at the woman. As the witness ran off he heard gunshots.

Another witness, who had been working at the grow for two years, hid outside the garage while recording on his phone. That’s when he realized the shooter was Chen, who worked with him at the grow last year, before Chen shot at him too.

Two days after the shooting, Chen was arrested by US Marshals in Miami, Florida.

Prosecutors were concerned if Chen made bond, he would be a flight risk and escape the country. They also said he could put the witnesses and survivors in danger.

Chen’s next court date is set for January 27th at 1:30pm.