OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The judge who was appointed to preside over a manslaughter trial involving five Oklahoma City Police Department officers and a 15-year-old suspect, whom the officers shot and killed, has recused herself from the high-profile case.

Judge Lisa Hammond was set to preside over the trial, but announced Thursday she’s stepping down from the case. She did not say why.

image of stavian rodriguez
Stavian Rodriguez

The case concerns the November 2020 deadly shooting of Stavian Rodriguez.

Officers swarmed Okie Gas Express near Interstate 40 and Western on reports someone with a gun tried to rob it.

The store’s owner locked the armed suspect, Rodriguez, a teenager, inside the business.

Surveillance video shows Rodriguez climbing out of the store’s drive-thru window. He is surrounded by officers upon exiting.

Rodriguez complied with officers’ orders to drop his weapon, but when he moved his hands, appearing to reach for his pants, the officer’s opened fire.

The teen was shot 13 times in all.

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Stavian Rodriguez as he drops a gun.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David filed manslaughter charges against the officers, calling their actions unnecessary, adding the 15-year-old was receiving simultaneous and varying commands.

A sixth officer who fired a less lethal weapon was not charged.

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The OKCPD officers charged in the death of Stavian Rodriguez.

Hammond dismissed the case against a Village police officer in September. That officer was charged for the deadly shooting of a suspect.

Her decision was later reversed by another judge.