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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – There is a major development in the birth certificate battle being waged in an Oklahoma County court.

KFOR reported Tuesday about the ongoing dispute between about Kris Williams and Rebekah Wilson.

They married in 2019 and had a baby together with the help of a sperm donor. Both moms’ names are on the birth certificate.

But earlier this year, Wilson petitioned the court during their divorce to have her wife removed from the baby’s birth certificate.

It’s a case that highlights equal rights for same sex couples in Oklahoma, and a potential loophole in the law, which is discriminatory against same sex couples with children.

This week, both moms and the sperm donor have been in that same courtroom, fighting over the rights to the baby boy, who is now two and half years old.

And yesterday, a victory in court for the non-gestational mother, Kris Williams.

Judge Lynne McGuire reversed her previous order which found that Williams would have to adopt her baby boy in order to have legal standing as a mother.

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A three-sided battle over parental rights is being waged in Oklahoma. Images courtesy
of Kris Williams (left), and Kiley Alexis with HV Littles (right)

Therefore, Williams has been reinstated as a legal mother alongside Wilson.

It’s a first step toward being reunited with her son.

“I think I’m just going to say it as simple as I can, and that’s today, judge acknowledged my client as a parent,” said attorney Robyn Hopkins.

Williams is relieved.

“I’m a proud Okie, and I was really proud to sit in that courtroom today and have hope that a judge was going to see me as a mother with equal rights,” Williams said.

The three parties met in court again today to hear testimony in a victim protective order filed by Wilson against Williams.

Wilson told the court she believes the young boy would be in danger if he had any contact with her wife.

The judge heard testimony about domestic abuse allegations and ordered that the VPO remain in place for five years.

That VPO will prevent Williams from having any contact with her son, as long as it remains in place.

KFOR will continue following this story.