OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — An Oklahoma County judge ordered a motel with a troubled history of criminal activity to step up security or be shut down, as first reported by The Oklahoman.

“A lot of people are really close and they all help each other out so it’s really cool,” said Amanda Jackson, who stays at the Plaza Inn.

However, an Oklahoma County judge is less optimistic about the public nuisance the Plaza Inn presents to patrons and the public. Judge Don Andrews is now giving the owners until October 27th to improve security or be shut down.

“If it does shut down, there’s like 100 or more people who are out on the streets,” said Jackson.

In May, the city filed a lawsuit against the owners with a goal of improving safety in the area.

Police have made many arrests at the motel, near Southeast 28th and I-35, for everything from prostitution, to drugs, to murder.

New records show Oklahoma City Police responded to the Plaza Inn 265 times since April.

“It’s not crime heavy,” said Jackson.

Those who rent rooms, like Jackson, rely on shelter there.

“They work with you on their payments. They let you keep your things while you step out of the room until you can pay for your room,” said Jackson.

Court documents show the city and co-owners have agreed to terms including adding 22 more security cameras along with keeping the footage for at least ten days. They have also agreed to having two licensed security guards on the grounds 24-7.

“They’re are always around,” said Jackson.

Off camera, a security guard told News 4 since May, guards have been working around the clock. The Plaza Inn has eight guards working there.

“Whatever makes them feel safe and like it needs to not be shut down. Let them do it,” said Jackson.

The attorney for the Plaza Inn declined to comment.

The city of Oklahoma City sent News 4 the following statement:

“The City of Oklahoma City filed the consent decree on Oct. 13 with the District Court of Oklahoma County. When Plaza Inn owners agreed to these terms and signed the decree, the trial became unnecessary.

As part of this consent decree, the Plaza Inn is mandated to contract and hire a minimum of two certified and armed security guards to deter and prevent violent criminal conduct during all hours of the day and night. The property owners also have agreed to increase surveillance capabilities. If the terms of the consent decree are not met in the agreed timeframe, the Plaza Inn must be closed down as a business.”