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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has become the first governor in the United States to test positive for COVID-19.

“COVID-19 is still in the United States. We know that. It’s still in Oklahoma,” said Stitt in a last minute press conference Wednesday morning via Zoom.

Stitt says his symptoms appeared Tuesday morning and that his test came back by around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“I feel fine. I felt a little bit achy yesterday. I didn’t have a fever, but I felt a little achy,” he said.

Stitt says he is regularly tested for COVID-19 and that he is now in isolation.

“I’ll be taking precautions. I’m now isolated away from my family. I’ll be working from home until it’s safe for me to get back to normal,” he said.

After his announcement, social media was flooded with posts surrounding the governor’s whereabouts in the past week.

One post showed Stitt allegedly at Walmart on Sunday not wearing a mask.

KFOR asked the governor’s team to confirm the outing.

Stitt’s Chief of Communications, Charlie Hannema, responded by saying, “Our office does not comment on the Governor or the First Family’s personal schedules or activities.”

Walmart later announced that masks will now be required in their stores, however, the announcement was not tied to Stitt’s diagnosis.

When asked if his diagnosis would change his opinion on mandating masks statewide, Stitt said his stance has not changed.

“You can’t pick and choose what freedoms you’re gonna give people,” he said.

Another post alleged a private party at the Governor’s Mansion, but officials with Stitt’s office would not comment on whether or not the allegation was true.

Another post showed a picture of Stitt visiting Kai Vietnamese Cuisine last Thursday without wearing a mask.

The restaurant posted today that they would be closing the restaurant for employees to be tested and for a professional cleaning.

Stitt says the officials with the State Health Department are working to reach anyone he may have come in contact with.

“Commissioner Frye and I have already worked with contact tracers based on when my symptoms developed,” said Stitt.

Stitt says he was not contagious before last Saturday and will continue to quarantine until he is cleared.

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