OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — KFOR exposed a secret plan for a new multi-million dollar governor’s mansion by Gov. Kevin Stitt.

The Stitt family currently lives 20 miles away from the historical mansion which was constructed in 1927 and opened in 1928.

They say, when they first moved to the Governor’s mansion, their children became sick and they believed mold was to blame.

An ongoing renovation project, which included two million dollars in taxpayer funded repairs also kept the family from living there.

This week News 4 revealed the secret architectural drawings of Stitt’s plans to build a second mansion on the capital complex and the effort to raise millions of private dollars from corporations and wealthy individuals.

KFOR requested a list of those donors, but our request was denied.

During a press event on Wednesday, reporters asked the governor about the KFOR Investigation and the secrecy surrounding the plans for a new mansion.

They specifically asked about the revelation that those close to the project were asked to keep quiet and sign a confidentiality agreement.

“The TV news reporter said that people who were involved with this project had to sign NDAs, non-disclosure agreements? They couldn’t talk about it?  Do you know anything about that? Is that true?” asked Carmen Forman, a reporter for The Oklahoman.

“I don’t even think that is true. Again, this is something that may happen. This is something that will not benefit Governor Stitt.” said Gov. Stitt.

As KFOR revealed in the ongoing investigation, the confidentiality statement does exist.

It was sent in February 2020 to those planning the new mansion and KFOR has a copy of that document.

The governor also told reporters, after our report aired, the current mansion is quote “amazing” and “awesome”, but not ADA compliant.

After our original report, the governor noted that when his mother-in-law was still alive, she used a wheelchair and because the mansion could not accommodate the wheelchair – she could not visit the Stitt family at the historic mansion.

A similar situation would exist for physically challenged politicians, like Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Wednesday, Gov. Stitt told reporters that when he first came into office, several business people told him this was already “in the plans”.

News 4 contacted former Gov. Mary Fallin.

She confirms she was approached about a new mansion several times, but she says she always declined.

Gov. Fallin says she never signed off on any plans to build a new mansion, nor had any desire to build a new Governor’s Mansion.

This is an ongoing and developing story that we will continue to follow.