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Correction: The original story reported the wrong chemical compound suspected in the alleged leak, that has been fixed.

LANGSTON, Okla. (KFOR) – Multiple Langston University students we re transported to the hospital after a reported gas leak at a campus apartment building, but the university says there was no detected leak and the initial report was a false alarm.

This building was evacuated at around midnight.

KFOR hasn’t been able to get an exact number from local officials, but one mother says her three children were in a group of at least six being treated at Baptist Hospital, adding that others were sent to Edmond, Stillwater and Guthrie. However, none of the local hospitals commented when KFOR reached out to confirm.

That mother, who chose to remain unnamed, says the university needs to be more transparent on what happened.

“Nobody’s even saying what happened at this point,” she said.

She described when she found out her children were headed to the hospital.

“[My friend] was like ‘well, sit down because your kids are in the ambulance,’ and I said ‘what?’…I was screaming about to cry and emotional,” she said. “She said it was a gas leak and telling me one of my children was unconscious.”

She says her children were a few of those who now need special treatment to remove the carbon monoxide from their bodies.

“I know it’s so much because if you didn’t have this much, they wouldn’t offer this procedure to anyone,” she said. “That’s how you know it’s pretty bad because their monoxide levels were between 15 and 28.”

Another mother spoke to KFOR, and although she was unable to speak on camera, she said in a message she made it back to school to find “one daughter on the ground and the other on a gurney foaming and unconscious.” She also added “the other twin passed out in my arms. As a mother I want answers.”

KFOR reached out to the chief of the Guthrie Fire Department Sunday morning, who said there was a gas leak in a university apartment, which led to several students being transported to different hospitals.

News 4 also spoke with the media contact for the university who says Oklahoma Natural Gas crews were called twice. According to the contact, they came out and no gas leak was found. She added that it is an ongoing investigation.