ANADARKO, Okla. (KFOR) — Two people are facing charges in Anadarko after a large drug bust at a house. Neighbors told News 4 on Thursday they’re happy this bust has taken more drugs off the street as the house where it happened is in a neighborhood with kids and a local school.

Anadarko Police say they found methamphetamine, cocaine and 557 fentanyl pills at the house.

“So just to see what was happening yesterday with the drug bust was no surprise and is probably time that it did happen,” said Noah Williams, a nearby neighbor.

Police arrested Kayla Parker and Toriano Holcomb.

In a Facebook post, police said over the last couple of months they’ve gotten multiple reports of suspicious activity at the house.

News 4 spoke to nearly a dozen neighbors who say they’ve seen something going on for at least a year.

“We have known for some time. There was something going on over that house over there because of the traffic. Too many different people in and out. But we didn’t know what was going on,” said Williams.

Anardarko Police worked with the Caddo County Sheriff’s Office to make the arrest and get the drugs out of the house.

Neighbors said even though the drugs are off the street, it’s still alarming to know that something like this was happening in their neighborhood.

“It makes me feel unsafe…any time you have drugs around here, everybody knows what kind of trouble that brings. So it does make the neighborhood feel unsafe because this is very family-oriented area,” said Williams.

Both people arrested are in jail and charged with drug trafficking. Anadarko police say more charges could be coming.