CADDO COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Several homes were evacuated as firefighters battled a gigantic grassfire in near Hinton in Caddo County.

The fire ignited shortly before 1:50 p.m. a quarter mile west of 2550 and 1070 on the north end of Caddo County, directly southwest of Hinton, according to Chief Mike Taylor with Lookeba-Sickles Fire.

The blaze was three miles long and a mile wide, according to Taylor.

image of wildfire
A large fire is burning in Caddo County. Image KFOR

Custer County Task Force, Blaine County Task Force and about 10 Caddo County fire departments helped fight the fire and evacuate five to 10 homes.

Firefighters encountered difficulties while trying to tame the enormous wildfire, including exploding cedar trees, rough terrain and wind.

“We weren’t expecting it,” Taylor said. “We’ve had a lot of good help. Tough conditions with this wind and all, apparently. But we’re doing good. Appreciate the help from everybody.”

A few outbuildings burned but no significant structures were damaged.

No one was hurt by the fire, Taylor said.