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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Two Tulsa attorneys are trying to postpone the Trump rally or make it mandatory for the BOK Center and the Trump team to enforce CDC guidelines.

The lawsuit was first introduced earlier this week, but a judge denied granting a hearing.

Now, Attorneys Clark Brewster and Paul DeMuro are taking their arguments to the State Supreme Court.

“We’re gonna be in Oklahoma and it’s a crowd nobody has ever seen before. We have tremendous, tremendous request for tickets,” said the president Thursday.

DeMuro and Brewster say it’s those crowds that concern them.

“If you were attempting to design a way to spread the virus as efficiently as possible in a community, you would plan this event,” said DeMuro.

They say the BOK Center and Trump’s team should be forced to follow CDC guidelines for large events, and that social distancing and mask wearing should be mandatory.

“Having this congested collection of people in this setting will spread it very rapidly and result in certain mass illness and death,” said Brewster.

Late Thursday afternoon, the BOK Center requested a written plan detailing the steps the Trump Administration will take for health and safety, including plans for social distancing.

The Trump Administration responded to the request saying, in part, “We take safety seriously. This will be a Trump rally, which means a big, boisterous, excited crowd.”

Joe Farris, the attorney representing the parent company for the BOK Center, said Thursday in the Supreme Court hearing that the venue has simply done everything it can do to ensure safety.

“We certainly agree that the CDC believes this type of event is ill-advised,” said Farris.

DeMuro responded by saying, “It’s a pretty shocking admission to say we know this event is going to be dangerous.”

Gov. Kevin Stitt was in Washington, D.C. Thursday. Stitt was one of two governors included in a roundtable to discuss the country’s reopening. He said in response to Trump’s remarks about the rally, “We’re so excited to have you. It’s gonna be safe.”

“Governor Stitt is disconnected from reality, period, and the Republican Party, when we look back on this time frame, what we see are local and state officials cowering in their foxholes,” said DeMuro.

Oklahoma GOP Chairman David McLain told KFOR Thursday that he plans on being at the rally Saturday and sees no reason why any plans should be changed.

“You can guarantee that there’s an absolute plan in place to follow the CDC guidelines,” said McLain.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum also responded earlier this week, saying in part, “In Tulsa, we protect the free and peaceful exchange of ideas. We did it during the last two weeks of protests, and we will do it during the president’s visit.”

Brewster and DeMuro say they plan on taking the fight all the way to Saturday.

“This is not something we’re saying should never happen, it’s not now,” said Brewster.

Brewster tells KFOR the State Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling Friday.