OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – SandRidge Energy is facing a potential class action lawsuit for damages after a data security breach last October.

Attorney William B. Federman of Federman & Sherwood said he’s prepared to represent over 12,000 current and former employees whose sensitive personal information was accessed, including names and Social Security numbers.

The plaintiff of the class action petition, filed May 27, is Guadalupe Granado.

“What’s at stake is the personal identification information of hundreds, if not thousands of current and former employees,” said Federman. “It’s negligence by SandRidge, the gross negligence of not keeping this information secure. Once people get access to your personal information it becomes a horrible problem that won’t go away.”

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The lawsuit has a notice letter from SandRidge stating that they had a “network disruption” on Oct. 25, 2021, and “limited information maintained on our network was accessed by an unauthorized actor.” It also said they “have no evidence to suggest that any information was subject to actual or attempted misuse as a result of this incident.”

But Granado – a former employee – said his credit score has dropped dramatically and he didn’t know why, but now believes it may be a result of the data breach.

“People are now trying to access his information,” Federman said. “For instance, if they’re applying for unemployment, if they’re applying for loans under your name, even if they’re not successful in getting that loan, it’s still a ding on your credit report and that causes you problems. Because of the breach, it’s our belief his credit score has gone down because people are trying to access and use the information that was exfiltrated wrongfully from SandRidge.”

KFOR reached out to SandRidge for comment on the lawsuit Tuesday, but have yet to receive one.