LITTLE AXE, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s been one week since three high school seniors got into a wreck on the way to graduation rehearsal at Little Axe High School. Now, they are reunited after countless facetime calls from the hospital. The now graduated seniors say they’re lucky to be alive and they’re ready for what’s next in their lives.

Silas Mason remembers the moments right after the wreck.

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“He was like, Silas I can’t move. So I was like, you got to, Landon, you got to move. Yeah, I guess he was in shock really bad,” said Silas Mason, recovering from crash.

Aftermath of wreck on the way to graduation

For these three seniors, life seemed to stop.

“The water caught my wheel and I’m pretty sure it yanked the wheel out of my hand. And so it caused the whole truck to turn around and spin. And then I don’t really remember how we spun or anything like that,” said Landon Wilson, recovering from crash.

“I had to crawl it out of the window because my door wouldn’t open,” said Mason.

Landon Wilson, Silas Mason, and David Ramos, all hurt in the crash hours before they were set to walk across the stage.

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While Silas and David were unable to make it, their brothers walked for them at the big night.

“I know it’s not the same thing because they weren’t there in person, but I just I wanted to make sure that they knew I was there for them,” said Wilson.

“That moment going across, I was, you know, choking back, holding back tears. So as soon as I heard David’s name, you know, there was a sort of proud moment that he was there with me,” said Chadd Kriz, David Ramos’ brother.

David Ramos, Landon Wilson, and Silas Mason

The most severely injured? David; who left the hospital nearly a week after the wreck.

“It’s actually amazing. It’s great for my brain. My my body. I can actually, like, escape from that little bubble I was in in the hospital and actually move on somewhere outside world,” said David Ramos, recovering from crash.

Three best friends, back home again.

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“It was like seeing my long lost friend after a minute. I was like, dude, I can’t believe, like, I’m actually seeing him or both of them, actually, I couldn’t really–It was crazy,” said Ramos.

The teens are continue to recover and are excited to hang out again. Here is the link to David’s go fund me page and Silas and Landon’s page.