OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A local artist has received some recognition for his unique drawings this holiday season. We’re not talking about paint, pens, or even pencils, although he does like those. Instead, we’re talking about Etch A Sketch drawings.

“I’ve always been very creative,” Jim Stephens said. “I’ve always been really into just sharing art with the world.”

Stephens’ love for art shouldn’t be in question. From creating comic books and drawing on cardboard boxes as a kid in Cincinnati, Ohio, he, and his family made their way to Oklahoma where he’s now a graphic designer at a local company for a living. But despite the numerous creations in his life or his job, he’s become locally known on social media for his Christmas drawings on Etch A Sketches.

  • Etch A Sketch art. Image courtesy Jim Stephens.

“I love the medium,” he said. “It’s a fun little way to tie it into Christmas.”

It started 13 years ago when his 7-year-old daughter at the time was home sick in December. She didn’t have anything to do, so, he went and picked up an Etch A Sketch.

Jim Stephens and family. Image courtesy Jim Stephens.

“I think she just looked at me like, what is this? This isn’t an iPad,” he said. “So I started showing her how to do stairs and then it evolved into here’s a Christmas tree.”

His wife Emily shared pictures of them on Facebook. From there, he started getting requests to draw more stuff.

“I’m a nostalgic guy,” Stephens said. “I kind of pulled from my childhood and yeah, so it just made sense.”

From there, it grew. He does it every year for 12 days at Christmas time calling it “12 Days of Etch
A Sketch.” They post each of them to Facebook over that 12-day span. He’s drawn Spiderman, Charlie Brown, the Grinch and much more.

“It’s just fun things,” he said. “The leg lamp and things like that, that we all love.”

At this point, he said he doesn’t think he would be able to stop doing it. That’s OK though. Stephens said he loves sharing that holiday cheer with others.

“It’s all about giving somebody a chuckle and giving them a fun thing that they remember from their childhood or sharing with their family and doing it through art and a wacky, nostalgic little toy,” he said.

Stephens said over 13 years he’s done the drawings the day that they get posted. He’ll get suggestions from friends and family to make it a challenge. He said each drawing only takes him about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

More of his drawings can be found on his Facebook page here or on his Instagram @artistjimstephens.