OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A well-known activist has been released from the jail he often speaks out against. He now faces charges including elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Michael Washington was booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on Monday and is now out of jail.

Wednesday, body cam footage and court documents revealed what police found at 94-year-old Katherine Burkhalter’s OKC home in July.

Police: These living conditions are deplorable

Washington: In my house?

Police: We are taking her

Washington: You ain’t taking taking a g****** thing.

Police: She’s leaving this facility

Washington: I want to see your chief, supervisor, and all that.

Washington told News 4 he’s cared for Katherine for 10 years while living with her for free.

According to court documents, Police said nurses called them when Washington wouldn’t let them inside to care for Katherine. The woman’s son was also there.

“I am the one who called the police. I was belligerent when I saw his face. I said, ‘Boy, you’re not getting in this doggone house. It’s been 11 years since you’ve seen your mother,’” said Washington.

Washington told News 4 he told hospice nurses to call the police and that’s how they could get inside.

“We need to get in there and give her some fluids,” said a police officer on the body camera footage.

Court documents showed Katherine’s “vital signs were dangerously low.” “Katherine was less than 70 pounds and was described as malnourished.” 

“When they pulled her out, it was 105 degrees in the house with a working air conditioner,” said Byron Burkhalter, Katherine’s son. “The last time we could tell that she had been changed was three days before. She was in her own fluids.”

 “[Hospice comes] in three, four times a day. And at that time for her to come in it was [the nurse’s] time to change,” said Washington.

Court documents said Washington would leave Katherine when she needed constant care.

Police: Without you being here, there has to be someone 24/7.
Washington: She already…

Police: It doesn’t matter. That’s neglect.

Police: I’m going to have an ambulance come and transport her to the hospital. If you want to come meet us at the hospital. Once the doctors decide what’s going on with her condition, then we’ll go from there.

Washington: Now we’re talkin’.

Off camera, Katherine’s son said his mother gained 17 pounds since she left the home.

“Haha! That is a joke! Haha! ‘They’re saying’ Where’s their proof at?” said Washington. “If she did, maybe they have some substances that they can give her.”

“These nurses, coming in here daily, two or three times a day for six months, didn’t feel that at that time she needed to leave. Somebody wasn’t doing their job then. It seems like, to me, they should be in jail,” said Washington.

Washington said he plans to file a lawsuit against the city, officers, and Katherine’s son.