MUSKOGEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Country singer-songwriter Cutter Elliott sang to the Oklahoma School for the Blind (OSB) and even donated a guitar.

Elliott, a country musician from Norman, Oklahoma, and his guitar player-producer-manager Paul Reeves planned to giveaway a new guitar during a live performance on the radio.

The radio host, Molly Payne, suggested he donate the guitar to the Oklahoma School for the Blind.

“We wanted to be sure that guitar got played, not just slid under somebody’s bed,” Payne said. “OSB turned out to perfect place to reach that goal.”

Elliott agreed and he and Reeves played and presented the guitar to students on OSB’s auditorium stage on December 1. The guitar was donated to OSB’s award-winning jazz band.

Singer-songwriter Cutter Elliott performed for Oklahoma School for the Blind students and faculty and donated a new Yamaha guitar to OSB’s award-winning Jazz Band (1st row left to right): Abigail Norton, Ocie Webster, Cutter Elliot, Rayce Phillips, Josie Cox, Trinity Vreeland, Julio Valdez, Elbin Carrillo; (2nd row): Dayton Baccus, Chris Sumner, Ryan Williams, Adan Duran, Gerardo Rodriguez, Emileigh Jackson and OSB Band Director Chris Ferrell. Image courtesy Oklahoma School for the Blind.

Officials say Elliott spoke with the students and briefly explained the challenges he has faced with his cerebral palsy, autism and vision and hearing loss.

“My mother had a saying, ‘Can’t never could.’” Elliott said. “Anytime I’d say I can’t do this, I can’t do that, that’s what she’d say.”

According to a news release, Elliott’s parents were told he would never walk or talk. He has done all of the things he was told he would never do and is now a spokesperson for Autism Speaks.

“Today, I can sing, play guitar and on occasion I play a little golf.” Elliott said.

“I want to encourage everybody here to find whatever it is they love to do and do it the best they can,” he added during his performance at OSB. “If everybody does that, we can change the world.”