ANADARKO, Okla. (KFOR) — An Anadarko freshman is making quite the name for herself. Lyndi Cisco is pulling double duty on the football field each week as the starting center for the freshman team, and playing flute in the band.

There aren’t many things in common between playing a flute and football, but one thing’s for sure, Lyndi is great at playing both. While she’s the only girl on the team, it doesn’t stop her from dominating at the line of scrimmage.

“I try not to think of myself too much differently because I’m just like any other player,” Lyndi said. “I mean, here and there, I do have to work a little bit harder, but, you know, I’m glad to do it.”

From a young age, Lyndi liked to do many things, but growing up surrounded by boys in the family, her favorite was hitting people.

“It’s just something about it, it makes me happy,” Lyndi said. “It’s like a stress reliever in a sense.”

“Her opponent, big or small, she’s out there and she’s going to give them heck, honestly,” Lyndi’s mother, Monica Cisco, said.

Her mother hated the idea of her playing football at first.

“I was very hesitant, very standoffish,” Monica said.

However, she wanted her daughter to chase her dreams, and playing football was one of them.

“I still have heart attack every time I have to watch her play, but it’s definitely a lot more fun now and I’m super proud of everything she does,” Monica said.

That isn’t all; If you think being the only girl playing football is tough, she doesn’t even get a break at half time.

“We’ve officially decided that I do halftime shows with the band, but I still suit up and I stand with the team,” Lyndi said.

“It’s not too bad,” Lyndi added. “Sometimes a little hard to catch my breath, especially with the flute.”

Her coaches and teammates say as long as she can handle the workload, they’re okay with it because they need her on that football field.

“That’s what I told Lyndi whenever she wanted to come out, play football,” James Sutteer, head coach for the freshman team said. “I’m like, hey, are you sure? Because this is the deal. I said, you’ll have a chance to play if you’re good enough to help us. She turned out to be good enough to help us, so she gets play.”

“She’s pretty smart,” Farris Sutteer, quarterback for the freshman team, said. “She’s in honors classes, so, like, we just have to tell her the play, and she knows the assignment.”

While Lyndi has already accomplished so much, she’s not satisfied and will continue to work to get better, all in hopes of starting on varsity.

“I’m really trying to work towards that,” Lyndi said. “It’s one of my main goals by my senior year.”