OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – There’s a push to knock down the prices of 100 items inside a local grocery store in northeast Oklahoma City. Employees tell KFOR it’s all to help the community take advantage during tough times.

“We’re hoping the conversation people can have is that groceries and food is a basic human need,” Marc Jones said. The director of store foods over the Market at EastPoint.

Jones joined employees inside the Market at EastPoint Tuesday morning in unloading a truck of groceries destined for store shelves. Some of the items they were stocking have lowered prices.

“We all know prices of everything are going up,” Jones said. “We here in northeast Oklahoma City serve folks that are really getting pinched very hard by all those rising costs and so we’re trying to do our part.”

Eggs, butter and milk are just a few of the products discounted at The Market at EastPoint. Those discounts can be identified on signs all throughout the store showing exactly what customers can take advantage of.

“We’ve been very fortunate as a nonprofit; we’ve got Partners in Life Church and UnitedHealthcare that are helping subsidize those prices so we can lower them to more affordable levels,” Jones said.

Some of the prices are below competitors in the area. Other prices are at the same mark. Jones said 35 to 40 items in the store have reduced prices right now. However, he said they are pushing to lower the prices of 100 items. To do that, the store is now turning to customers and asking their input on social media and on their website to see which items folks say need to be most affordable.

“When we started to talk to customers about, ‘hey, we’re we were able to lower the price of this item and that item,’ you can see it in their faces,” Jones said “The joy and the relief. You also see it in their basket.”

You can donate at their website here https://www.marketateastpoint.org/, or you can find where the store is asking for input on Facebook at Facebook.com/marketateastpoint or on Instagram at marketateastpoint.