OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — It’s time to put away the cash at Boomtown Creamery because as of last week, it’s no longer accepted. “Some incident happened on 23rd street that made my staff feel really unsafe…there was an armed robbery up the street,” said Angela Muir, the owner of Boomtown Creamery.

That robbery happened at Mo Bettah’s two weeks ago on August 30.

The suspect, Anthony Ross, pointed a gun at workers asking for money in the cash register and the safe in the back.

Now, Boomtown Creamery is getting rid of cash in order to protect their employee’s safety.

“For how late we stay open on Fridays and Saturdays, we’re actually open till 11 p.m. We have a lot of young workers, so a lot of our staff, it’s their first job. They’re high school students or college students, and they just didn’t feel safe,” said Muir.

Muir said cash sales were only about 10% of overall sales.

“It truly is for the safety of our staff. That’s like one of my top priorities is I want to have a great place to work for the people who work for me,” said Muir.

When you walk inside the shop, signs are put up all over with the reminder.

“We’ve got so many forms of payment if you don’t have a card. We also take Venmo and Cash App and Apple Pay,” said Muir.

Customers News 4 spoke with said the change doesn’t bother them.

“No, I don’t really carry cash anyway. So as far as our selections of local businesses, we’re going to keep coming, all right,” said Tom Bishop, a local customer.

“Oh, no. We love to come here. I carry credit card or my debit card, so it being cashless is a better idea for everybody,” said Stacey Foshee, a local customer.

Tower Theatre and Pony Boy also recently decided to go cashless.

News 4 reached out to other shops on 23rd to see if they’re planning on making the switch to being cashless. All of them said no changes will be made.