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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Residents of a south Oklahoma City neighborhood say they’re still recovering after an 8-year-old girl and her grandmother were attacked by a pack of dogs in September. Now, they’re calling for the city to hold the dogs’ owners responsible and take the remaining animals away from them.

On Sept. 13, 8-year-old Emma and her grandmother Rose were attacked by multiple dogs while walking in their own neighborhood. They both sustained bites and scratches, with Emma having to get her ear stitched back in three places.

That family says some of the dogs responsible have been taken away from their owners, but they’re continuing to call for the rest to go.

Neighbors say two people in a nearby home owned up to 14 dogs at one time, and many of them were allowed to roam free throughout the neighborhood.

“I just hope they get rid of all of the dogs that belong to that home,” Pinkston said.

She says she and Emma are both scarred by the attack.

“Physically, I’m fine; mentally, there’s the fear of dogs coming after us again,” she said. “If you hear a dog you get tensed up…Emma’s very frightened to even go outside the house.”

She says five of the dogs from that house have been taken by animal control and three were put down. But there are still three left, and she says they have gotten out as recently as this month.

One neighbor who helped save them, Kandelyn Turner, says she has also noticed a change in Emma since September.

“Anytime she hears a dog barking I notice she’s a lot more frightened,” she said. “She’ll usually carry either two sticks with her now…she’s still afraid to walk down the street.”

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She says they have already gone to court on the matter of the homeowners’ dogs, and they now have to go back next month.

“It’s set for trial, I’m not really sure any more of what’s gonna happen the attorney that was appointed to us from the city told us it would be a separate trial December 13 and it will kinda go from there,” she said.

News4 went to the homeowners location to ask for details on the coming court date. When presented with the neighbors’ concerns, the homeowner responded with “Most of them are full of [expletive] and I want y’all to leave.”