EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A global nonprofit based in Oklahoma is helping hundreds of thousands of single moms across the world in several ways.

“They’ve been there to support me, just whatever it is, they’re just always there,” said Crystal Levine. A single mother who is involved with the nonprofit Arise Single Moms.

Levine is just one of the quarter of a million single moms across 140 countries that the nonprofit has helped.

“We change lives, and it is our joy to see that over and over and over,” said co-founder of the nonprofit Pam Kanaly. “It is an inexpressible joy. It doesn’t take much to invest in somebody’s life.”

Based in Edmond, Kanaly said the organization has been around for over 20 years. They help single moms with 5 core things.

“Relationships, emotional wellness, spiritual growth, parenting and finances,” Kanaly said.

For that, they host conferences and produce online articles, podcasts, and videos. They also have developed a new concept to help single mom groups come together and support one another.

  • Thrive Conference. Image courtesy Shelley Pulliam.
  • Thrive Conference. Image courtesy Shelley Pulliam.
  • Thrive Conference. Image courtesy Shelley Pulliam.
  • Arise Single Moms helps moms across the globe. Image courtesy Shelley Pulliam.

“I’m super grateful to not have done it without them all these years,” Levine said.

Levine said they helped her as she raised her now 18-year-old son after she got divorced when she was 29.

“It can be very isolating. It can be lonely,” Levine said. “Like our family looks different, but we are still a family. Just because we don’t look like your typical cookie cutter family. We’re still a family.”

One specific time she remembered the nonprofit coming through when she needed some help was the 2013 Moore tornado.

“We lost everything. Like they immediately reached out and was like, Crystal, can we come help? What can we do? What do you need?” Levine said.

Levine said they’re still helping her today as she gets ready to be in an “empty nest” as her son prepares for life outside of her home. Kanaly added that there are 24 million single parent children being raised across the country with 70 percent of them being raised by single moms. Kanaly said they hope they can bring that demographic down by continuing to provide help like they did for Levine.

“We are thrilled to be able to be investing in the children of our next generation,” Kanaly said.

“The training that they give us and things like that and resources, it’s just been invaluable and priceless,” Levine said.

The organization has several events, including a sporting clay tournament on March 31. It does have a registration deadline of March 21. If you need help or want to get involved, you can find more information on that by visiting arisesinglemoms.com.