EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — Pumpkins are not just great for decorating your porch or pumpkin pie, turns out, the chickens at an Edmond farm just love to chow down on leftover Halloween pumpkins.

“Pumpkins are a great way for the chickens and other animals to stay really healthy,” said Lynn Farnsley.

That’s why people like Farnsley are asking for people to think twice before throwing away their fall pumpkins. They could be gobbled up by her 28 chickens instead.

“They’ll eat everything in the pumpkin,” said Farnsley.

Farnsley and her husband have been running around their farm for about four years.

She said giving her chickens pumpkins is more than just a way to save money.

“It is very helpful. It’s healthier for the chickens because the flesh of the pumpkin, it has vitamins A and B and C and E,” said Farnsley.

They also have staying power in cooler weather.

“So all I need to do is pick one up every day or two,” she said. “Feeding the chickens naturally actually makes their eggs taste better.”

And even if you don’t have farm animals like chicken or pigs, you might be able to treat the squirrels and deer in your neighborhood.

“You can break them open and throw them out into the woods because deer also eat them,” said Farnsley.”It’s healthy for all of the wildlife.”

If you would like to get rid of pumpkins, click here to find a local ‘chicken producer’ Facebook group.