LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR)- Road damage is nothing new to southern Logan County residents, but the major concern now is a bridge on Triplett Road that has massive holes and ruts throughout with no warning signs posted before it.

Stephanie Gibbons said because one side of the bridge is severely damaged, it causes her to drive on the opposite side of it.

“You just got to steer really well and hope you don’t fall to the side because it’s so narrow,” said Gibbons.

Bridge on Triplett Road. KFOR photo.

News 4 slowly crept over the bridge and were able to feel every bump driven over.

Once you step out of the car though, that’s when you can see a multitude of ruts, potholes, and gaping holes throughout.

There’s one hole in particular that will give onlookers a glance 10 feet down to the ground below.

The hole is about two feet wide.

There weren’t any visible signs indicating damage or caution when driving over the bridge.

The only signs in sight were ones letting drivers know the bridge can hold up to 10 tons of weight.

Those two signs are on either side of the bridge, but overgrown grass and trees have engulfed the signs, making it hard to read.

Gibbons said she and her mom have called the county to request maintenance, but sadly, no one has showed up yet.

“All the roads out here are awful,” added Gibbons.

News 4 emailed back and forth with Logan County Commissioner Marven Goodman on October 31.

“Even though I have only 8 weeks left in office, I am very interested in hearing about and addressing any safety issues between now and December 31st,” he said.

However, News 4 reached out to Goodman earlier this week and never received a response.

News 4 attempted to reach out to Goodman Friday afternoon in regard to bridge concerns.

He did reply, but only with the letter ‘n.’

Goodman didn’t address any of the concerns that were attached in the email.

Gibbons and her family said there are six roads leading out of their area. They’re hoping just one of those gets fixed soon.