LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Logan County couple who lost everything in the wildfires in late March said they now have been dealing with looters. Margaret Aniol said someone has been stealing what was left from their property.

A home once filled with laughter and memories has become a skeleton of burned bricks and broken remains.

Aniol said their home, which was her husband’s childhood residence, burned along with hundreds of acres and dozens of other houses.

Only a few items that remained were intact and Aniol said some of them have been snatched from the rubble.

“I’m very angry about it,” said Aniol.

She noticed her belongings were missing a few days ago. She said tools from the garage were taken and an antique plant stand worth nearly $2,000.

“I know it’s only a plant stand but it was my daughter’s grandmothers,” said Aniol. “Insurance can take care of everything else.”

She said items stolen cannot be replaced. She moved into the home 13 years ago and has never had anything stolen until now, when the couple is vulnerable.

She had one message for the person responsible.

“Go get a job, buy it. You don’t steal from someone.”

A bright note, however, for the family. The couple’s 24 peacocks did survive the wildfire.

She said she believed God had a hand on her animals because the fire touched everything else but the pens.