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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Logan County woman says she is afraid for her life after her neighbor was caught on camera wielding a knife. At the same time, she says he threatened to kill her, her daughter, and her sister.

As interactions changed from explicit language to a tangible threat, she says she finally filed for an order of emergency protection.

The woman interviewed with KFOR Tuesday and said she’s so concerned about her safety she preferred not to show her face on camera.

“[I am] very afraid for my life, my daughter’s life, my sister’s life,” said the woman, who declined to go on camera for the interview.

Her mother said the concerning interactions between her adult daughters and the neighbor escalated verbally before he appeared on her doorstep with the knife.

“[It was] him telling my daughter what he wants to do to her sexually, and him telling my other daughter he’s going to kill her,” she added.

The man has already been jailed for convictions going back a decade, including acts of violence, bodily harm, and threats.

“The police can’t even pick him up because they don’t have a hard copy of the warrants from the judge signed,” she added.

KFOR contacted the Logan County Clerk’s office about the status of the protective order and learned the only judge authorized to approve and sign off on the order was presiding over another trial:

REPORTER: “The judge is not on the bench 24-hours a day though, ma’am.

LOGAN COUNTY CLERK: ” I don’t have any way to make it go faster…I don’t control judges.”

“The minute that he steps up into our gate, they can call and have him arrested and he’ll be thrown in jail. That’s supposed to be the safety of a protective order,” the woman added.

However, the story raises questions about how soon restraining orders can be granted.

“[For now] the police, they can’t pick him up [but we’re concerned] he’ll come back, he’ll molest, cut up…that he’ll shoot through the windows,” she added.

“[We’re] just hoping and praying that he doesn’t come down here again.”

Anyone who believes they are being stalked by someone who is not a family or household member, may qualify for a protective order, to be issued by the District Court in the County where the incident (s) has occurred.